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'Chakra Recalibration', Manchester

Day 1: Integrated Chakra Unification Day 2: Chakra Recalibration

  • 2 hr
  • 333 US dollars
  • Manchester Serenity Spa

Service Description

This psychic surgery is a 2 day process. Please CALL 802-688-3883 to set up day 2, or email for more information description directly from Day 1: Integrated Chakra Unification: "The subtle bodies that we have worked with as healers prior to 2012, have been contained in a self-sustaining energy system, fed by the 7 (major) chakras, which had been ‘nipped’ at the spine at the end of the last Ascension cycle trapping our experiences as we process them through this limited system. This congestion creates the karmic debris that holds us in density for the third dimensional experience. The Integrated Chakra Unification is a psychic surgery that creates a permanent upgrade in the human vehicle. This upgrade enables the recipient to liberate themselves from their own Karmic creations and return to the 30ft auric field and multidimensional chakra system used in the higher dimensions, which includes fully activated galactic chakras and higher functioning thymus, pineal and pituitary glands." Day 2: Chakra Recalibration: Higher vibrational frequency can only be sustained with the Marconic Recalibration, which permanently plugs us back into the Universal Matrix connecting us to resonating Star Systems in preparation for living in the Fifth and Higher Dimensions, according to one’s Spiritual evolution. Following the Recalibration, the body undergoes a metamorphosis as de-activated codes within the DNA are triggered to re-awaken consciousness, characteristics, traits and attributes essential for survival in the higher dimensions. The physical and subtle bodies are returned to their multi-dimensional state, having been liberated from the artificial and deliberate manipulations of the 7 chakra system and karma wheel. The lightbody is upgraded to the Quantum Merkaba, essential for moving consciousness in the higher realms.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance for a full refund of your deposit.

Contact Details

  • 3195 Richville Road, Manchester Center, VT, USA


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