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Serenity Spa Services

Melt into comfort and peace, release tension and stress, rediscover your natural powers of rejuvenation and joy at the touch of skilled hands, soothing techniques and unbounded compassion.

Select either the Manchester or Wilmington location, then book the service that speaks to you and instantly enjoy the relief of knowing you're destined for a transformative session that will help you feel calm and energized.   Or choose Marconics Energy, Distance for the convenience of receiving Marconics healing and wellness support in the comfort of your own home or setting of your choice.  You'll receive highest quality service and care from a member of our qualified and professional team.  If you with to request a specific provider, please email Serenity Spa.

Enjoy Treatment Add-ons with select services, like CBD rub, Aroma Therapy, Hot Stones, or Hot Tub & Pool Access.

You can even share the bliss by purchasing a Gift Card for someone special or donating to our Scholarship Fund.